Academic Rigor

Juniper Micro School prepares students for 2030 and beyond. In addition to our dedication to an Entrepreneurial Mindset through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) and the social sciences, Juniper ensures that all students develop fluency in both literacy and mathematics. 

A joy of reading, the ability to comprehend deeply, and refined listening skills enable our students to become independent lifelong learners. In addition, we give students the tools to effectively and powerfully communicate their unique ideas through writing, speaking and the arts.

At Juniper we approach mathematics with a sense of play and wonder. Our rigorous curriculum engages students’ curiosity through real life applications of mathematical concepts. We emphasize fluency with numbers, analyzing patterns and systems, complex problem solving and abstract thinking.

Students spend the morning participating in whole class, small group and individual lessons working on personalized goals in literacy and math.