Our mission at Juniper Micro School is to create a collaborative community that cherishes curiosity, nurtures each child’s unique strengths and helps children develop the skills and mindsets to boldly follow their passions to become tomorrow’s change agents.


We don’t wait for change - we are the changemakers. At Juniper we value innovation and research. We follow a progressive philosophy based on current, high-quality research on brain and child development.

We dare kids to be bold. In a rapidly changing and complex world, we emphasize resilience, critical thinking, risk-taking, intrinsic motivation and creative problem solving over rote memorization.

An education as unique as your child. Juniper’s intimate community allows us to provide an extremely personalized learning environment for students where individual strengths are valued and nurtured.

The power of the micro school. The micro school model is lean, agile and efficient. It allows us to serve as a truly innovative grassroots leader in reimagining education.


Juniper Micro School is rooted in the principles of progressive education and inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and the Forest School model.