what is a micro school?

Micro schools are a new alternative to traditional standardized education that are leading the way in reimagining education.

Through personalized, hands-on, and real life learning, students find joy and purpose in their educational journey and are prepared for whatever path they may choose for their future.

Micro schools are intentionally kept small to foster strong relationships and provide a unique learning experience for each student. Juniper Micro School has two multi-age classrooms (K-2 & 3-5) with 10 - 14 students and both a lead and apprentice teacher per class. 

why micro?


The intimate micro school community offers an unparalleled personalized learning experience for students. At Juniper, small classes and personal learning plans enable teachers to form strong bonds with students and help them achieve their unique academic, social, emotional and personal goals. 

lean, agile & efficient.

Micro schools don’t have to wait to implement what’s best for students. At Juniper we continually improve and evolve based on current, high-quality research to ensure students are best prepared for a changing, complex world.